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The Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

You might not have thought so, but there is a real art to finding the right hairstyle for you – and it all comes down to understanding your face shape.

Have you ever shown your hairdresser a photo of the exact cut you want, only to walk out of the salon an hour or so later with the dawning realisation that your new bob doesn’t look anything like the person’s from your photo?

Well, that’s most likely because the person in the picture c you showed your hairdresser had a different face shape to you. But there’s an easy fix to that! All you need to do is learn more about your own unique face shape and the hairstyles that suit it best.

What face shape do you have?

Determining your face shape is an important step to finding the perfect hairstyle for you.

If you’re struggling to match your face to a shape, here’s what you should do:

  1. Pull all of your hair back from your face.
  2. Look in the mirror.
  3. Using an eyeliner, lip pencil or glass-friendly pen, trace the outline of your face onto the mirror.
  4. Match the outline you’ve drawn to one of the below face shapes.


If you have an oval face shape, the length of your face is longer than the width, and your jawline is slightly narrower than your hairline.

Hairstyles to match

What you don’t want to do with an oval-shaped face is make is appear even longer with a haircut that lengthens rather than broadens. A textured, shoulder-length lob will help to add width to your face, and side-swept bangs will help to balance everything out.


Square face shapes tend to have a strong, angled jawline, where the width of the jawline, cheekbones and forehead are all the same.

Hairstyles to match

Square faces love straight hair. Lean into your sharp cheekbones and strong jawline with long layers and soft, wispy bangs. Try to avoid curls that widen your face further, but remember that loose waves are, and always will be, your friend.


A round face shape, often referred to as a ‘baby face’, is as long as it is wide – just like a circle! – with no defined angles or corners.

Hairstyles to match

Being blessed with a baby face means having the ability to embrace more youthful hairstyles for longer. A short lob will always be your best friend, and a high ponytail or a deep side part will help to add angles to your face where there aren’t any.


With a broader forehead that tapers down to a narrower, slightly-pointed chin, heart-shaped faces often come with a set of well-defined cheekbones.

Hairstyles to match

Accentuate your heart-shaped face with a shoulder length lob (the hairstyle that fits almost universally across all face shapes). Adjust your lob to suit your face shape with loose waves and a deep side part.


Similar to oval faces, long face shapes get their name because they are much longer than they are wide. Like an extended oval, if you will.

Hairstyles to match

The objective for a long face is to make it appear wider than it actually is. Boost your breadth with loose curls that start close to the root or a salon blowout that adds maximum volume. Steer clear of super long hair – it will only add more length to an already long face.


Diamond face shapes are often adored because of their symmetrical and balanced appearance. The widest point is the cheeks, with a narrower forehead and chin.

Hairstyles to match

Because diamond face shapes are already fairly balanced, your new hairstyle doesn’t need to be one that works on balancing out your features. Instead, you should adopt a look that further accentuates what you already have.

A symmetrical face can rock a symmetrical hairstyle, so your go-to will always be sleek, straight hair with a middle part. A high pony or textured lob also works wonders for this face shape.

Look for hairspiration online

If you’re in need of some more hairspiration, we recommend looking up celebs who share your face shape on Google or Instagram to see what ‘do they’re rocking, and whether it could be the next ‘do for you.

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