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Our nail technicians are here to make you look and feel your best. Add a little extra flair to your outfit by embracing a bold new colour, a natural palette or a unique nail art design. Whether you want to shake up your usual style or tone it right down, we’ll help you find a look you love.

At mister beauty we care about your nail health, so we only use the best products, such as CND. Creative Nail Design, INC. have been developing professional products and services since 1979, establishing their prominence as the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty.

Offering more than 400 products – Including SHELLAC Brand 14+ Day Nail Colour and VINYLUX Long Wear Polish, their section of high-quality products provides our nail technicians and customers with everything they need to create and maintain healthy, high-fashion hands and nails.

Each of the CND products are carefully researched and tested at their very own state-of-the-art laboratory, meticulously engineered to produce the exact products that professionals love and need.


  • Meticulous Manicure (30 minutes)

    Your cuticles and natural nails are transformed with precision, bringing back that healthy glow. Cuticle exfoliation, removal, and hydration along with nail shaping, buffing, and shining are performed while keeping the integrity of the natural nail at all times. Enjoy a mini hand massage to finish off the experience.

  • Meticulous Manicure with Vinylux Polish

  • Meticulous Manicure with Shellac Gel

  • Meticulous Manicure with Dipping Powder (SNS)

  • mister beauty Manicure (60 minutes)

    A Meticulous Manicure is inclusive with this service. You will experience our luxurious citrus spa where a botanical blend of hydrating honey and purifying kaffir lime will gently cleanse the impurities and brighten your skin.

  • mister beauty Manicure with Vinylux Polish

  • mister beauty Manicure with Shellac Gel

  • mister beauty Manicure with Dipping Powder (SNS)

Extensions (45-90 minutes):

  • Acrylic, Gel, or Dipping Powder Enhancement

    Longer, stronger, and more beautiful nails can be yours with our customised nail services. Start with a thorough analysis to determine the ideal enhancement service that will best suit your lifestyle and style preference. Transforming your nails is an art form providing you with longevity and the aesthetic you desire. We specialise in Liquid and Powder (acrylic) Gel (hard gel), and Dipping Powder systems.

  • Natural nail overlay

  • Tip or sculpture extension

  • French or Ombre
  • Natural nail overlay

  • Tip or sculpture extension

  • Refill with Shellac Gel

  • Refill French or Ombre


  • Meticulous Pedicure (30 minutes)

    Our professional nail technician will provide detailed attention to your cuticles and natural nails. Exfoliation, removal, and hydration of the cuticles as well as shaping, buffing, and shining of the nails will revitalize your feet’s natural beauty. A soothing foot massage will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Meticulous Pedicure with Vinylux Polish

  • Meticulous Pedicure with Shellac Gel

  • mister beauty Pedicure (60 minutes)

    Start off with a Meticulous Pedicure to prepare for our citrus spa which consists of botanical blends of hydrating honey and purifying kaffir lime that gently cleanses the impurities and brightens your skin. Your feet will be replenished with moisture and leave you with a lovely citrus scent.

  • mister beauty Pedicure with Vinylux Polish

  • mister beauty Pedicure with Shellac Gel

  • Extension/Enhancement Removal (30-50 minutes)

    Professional removal is required to ensure that the integrity of the natural nail is maintained. This service also includes a Meticulous Manicure or Pedicure to nurture your cuticles and natural nails.

  • Removal of Colour Coat (30-40 minutes)

    Removal of your colour coat is complimentary with any reapplication. It includes a Meticulous Manicure or Pedicure to ensure your cuticles and natural nails are cared for correctly.

  • Nail Repairs (10-15 minutes)

    Natural nails, including enhanced and extended nails may crack or break due to our everyday busy lives. Do not pick or peel at the nail coating of your damaged nail as you may peel away layers of your natural nail, resulting in them becoming weaker and more vulnerable. Allow our professional nail technicians to re-establish the structure and bring back its consistency.

  • Nail Art

    Nail art is created using many different mediums and techniques. Some are quick while others are more detailed. Therefore, your brief will determine the amount of time and cost that will need to be required to create such masterpieces. If you need help deciding on your nail art, our galley should help provide some ideas.