Aug 25 Nail

Nail Art Trends in 2020

With the arrival of 2020, we’ve entered a new year and a new decade – and the newest nail art trends are proving just how far into the future we’ve come.

2020 has also seen us spending more time at home, which makes now the perfect time to play around with at-home manicures. Here are our favourite trends of the year so far.

Rainbow Shades

This year, we’re in love with all of the colours of the rainbow. Gone are the days when choosing only one shade was the done thing – now you can be courageous and tote a different colour on every nail. 

Whether simple or quirky is more your style, you can be as bold or subtle as you like. Try a different shade of the same colour on each nail or go for consecutive colours of the rainbow. The choice is yours!

French Manicure Remade

The french manicure is a classic that might just never go out of style. However, 2020 brings with it an update to the traditional look. Expect to see double tips, top and bottom edging, different coloured tips and a unique take on placement. 


We love a good pastel nail colour, and we’re not alone. Though pastels have been in fashion for what feels like eons, they are having a renaissance in 2020. Mint, yellow, pink, blue and lavender are all fresh pastels that will pop against a summer tan or your favourite WFH sweats.

Single Nail Feature

The single nail feature has been around for awhile now and its time in the spotlight is not over yet. Unleash your creative side with a single nail painted in sparkles, metallics or a cool geometric pattern that stands out from the block colour look of the rest.


Vincent Van Gogh’s ode to A Starry Night is proof that the stars – and whatever lies beyond – have been a source of inspiration for centuries. We love galaxy-inspired nail art because it’s astral, out of this world and entirely devoted to glitter.  

Negative Space

We like to think of this popular new look as intentionally unintentional. Embracing negative space means finding the balance between minimalist and abstract – think random shapes, dots, blocks, lines and colours all coming together into an intricate, imaginative work of art. 

Get trendy new nail art at your local beauty bar

If a D.I.Y manicure isn’t your style, take these trends to your local beauty bar and have a professional do it for you. Our beauty salon in Melbourne has an expert team of manicurists who are always in touch with the latest trends and ready to pamper your nails to perfection.  

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