Sep 21 Spray Tan

How To Keep Your Spray Tan Glow Going

A spray tan is a must if you want that golden glow during the colder seasons in Melbourne, or if you simply haven’t had a chance to laze about all day at the beach.

Everyone wants their glowy spray tan to last as long as possible, and we know how. Here are our top tips on how to make your spray tan last longer.


Exfoliation should be an everyday part of your skincare routine because it helps to remove the barrier of dead skin cells while bringing new ones to the fore. Be sure to exfoliate in the 1-3 days leading up to your appointment, as this is the key to a lasting spray tan.

You can use an exfoliating body scrub in preparation for your tan, but make sure that it’s not oil-based, as oil and spray tans don’t go together (more on this later). An exfoliating glove or dry body brush will also help to get your skin ready for that golden glow.

Hair removal

If you don’t want a patchy or streaky spray tan, you’ll need to time your hair removal right. Give your skin time to heal and rebalance itself after hair removal by waxing at least 48 hours before your spray tan, or 24 hours for shaving.


Before getting your spray tan, have a quick, cool shower to wash away any lotion, facial creams, sweat or deodorant that may be present on your skin. A spray tan needs a fresh canvas to work with, so make sure yours is as clean and free from debris as possible.

If you are wearing makeup or deodorant, take some oil-free makeup remover or wipes to your appointment so that you can remove it all before jumping into the spray room.

Wear loose clothing

Tight clothes and a fresh spray tan do NOT mix. Always wear loose-fitting clothes to your spray tan appointment – ideally, that means no bra, leggings, underwear or other tight clothing that could rub against your brand new spray tan and create unappealing lines and streaks.

Steer clear of activewear and closed-toe shoes, as these are notorious for wreaking spray tan havoc. We recommend keeping it casual with a loose maxi dress and loose-fitting slides. No strips, no straps, no tight pieces!

Moisturise – but don’t use oil-based products

Moisturising your skin will help to keep it hydrated and supple, which is crucial to maintaining a long-lasting spray tan. By keeping your skin moisturised, not only will your skin feel amazing, but your tan will also last much longer than it would otherwise.

Oil-based moisturiser isn’t spray tan-friendly because the oil acts as a barrier over the skin and only contributes to making your tan fade faster. So moisturise, yes! But don’t do it with anything oil-based.

Use a self-tanner

To top up your tan as it fades, we recommend using a premium quality self-tanner. While it won’t offer the same beach-ready results as your spray tan, it will help in transitioning your skin back to its natural colour.

Here are some self-tanners we love:

Maintain your tan with regular appointments

Maintaining your golden glow is lot easier when you have beauty professionals to help. With regular spray tan appointments at mister beauty, you’ll never have to say goodbye to beautifully bronzed skin.

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